Air Conditioning Costs in an Arizona Summer! $$$


Here is a home we inspected and found an entire upper section of an exterior wall to have ZERO insulation!? How can this be you ask? This was an "Energy Award" home!! When looking at the wall visually, it looks normal. When our Thermographer performed a "Themal-Scan", he found this section of nearly 23' linear feet, to be completely void of insulation.

This particular home had been advertised as "Green" and "Energy Award", with "Loads of Extra Insulation"!

We think not.

Only a "Thermal-Scan" performed by American Infrared Consultants Certified thermographers can find problems like this. Call us, ... before you buy!

How "Green" is Your Green Energy Home???


As you can see in these thermal images, taken with a Flir Infrared camera, the exterior wall in the master bedroom is missing 2 full sections of insulation.

This was advertised as an "Energy Guaranteed" home! So, what do You think?
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Is your Home "Really" Energy Efficient?!

Flir Infrared technology allows the Certified Thermographers at American Infrared Consultants to find the missing insulation that You, ... the Homeowner, thought you had paid for.

These Infrared images were taken at a 2007 "Energy Award" home. Note the exterior wall cell with a complete void of insulation, as well as the Ceiling area where a full 24" x 54" section was empty of insulation!!

What do you think their Air Conditioning bills will be?? $$

San Diego Fires - November 2007


American Infrared Consultants were called out to the San Diego County area to evaluate numerous structures damaged during the November 2007 fire disaster. Using Flir Infrared cameras, we evaluated many residential structures for several Insurance companies. It was both incredibly sad and fascinating at the same time.

Whole neighborhoods were affected with multiple homes in a row burned out, while a lone home was completely unaffected. These are just a few of our photos.