HOME STAR Profiled in Home Energy Magazine

The proposed HOME STAR energy retrofit program is the focus of an article published in the May/June issue of Home Energy Magazine, coauthored by Efficiency First’s national director, Jared Asch, and the association’s policy chair, Matt Golden. The article begins:

For years, those of us who work in the energy remodeling field have been promoting the personal and environmental benefits of home performance retrofits. Now industry leaders and policymakers are focusing on yet another compelling reason for Americans to invest in energy efficiency improvements—they create jobs. With one in four construction workers currently facing long-term unemployment, our nation desperately needs to cultivate sustainable employment opportunities that will breathe life into the troubled construction sector and help our economy get back on track. Large-scale retrofitting of American homes can be a big part of the solution.

Asch and Golden go on to provide a basic overview of the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act now pending in Congress. If you’re not already familiar with this important legislation, the Home Energy article is a good place to begin. Read the full text online at www.homeenergy.org/article_full.php?id=710.